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Mitsubishi Heavy Industrials (MHI) is the world's first manufacturer to introduce the big advantage of wall-mounted split system in air conditioning committed to innovation, eco-environmental and advanced technology, Mitsubishi continues to bring better life and comfort to homes, offices and eco buildings across the world

Founded by Mr LEE Wing Sum and Mr TOH Shung Chee and formally known as Wo Kee Hong Group Singapore, KM Capital Group was first established in 1963 for the marketing and distribution of audio products, later expanding to air-conditioning systems in 1990. Today, KM Capital Group is principally engaged in the distribution of a wide range of quality products ranging from Air-conditioners to home and commercial audio visual equipment and car multimedia systems.

Current brands being distributed are mostly from Japan and Europe including Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air-conditioners, Alpine, ProAc, Ecler, Chord and OS Screen. After years of continuous promotion and marketing, these brands have become well-known brand names in Singapore.

Through business collaboration, including sales promotions and marketing activities, we have created brand value and awareness. We have built an extensive network of more than 150 dedicated dealers in Singapore, and also have gained trust and confidence from customers due to the dedicated team behind our after-sales service.

We strive to bring to our customers more quality brands and products and to expand our distribution network in Singapore. Most importantly, we believe in maintaining a strong commitment to providing satisfactory after-sales services to our Valued Customers.

KM Capital Group - "Bringing you quality products & satisfactory after-sales services since 1963"

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